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Piss in Peace Inclusive Bathroom Sign

Piss in Peace Inclusive Bathroom Sign

Piss in Peace Inclusive Bathroom Sign


*Disclaimer: This is a fake product. Your purchase will be a donation.

Want to pee in peace? This reusable, stick-on/peel-off gender-neutral restroom sign will let you do just that. Don’t let the conservatives try to dictate which bathroom your bladder may use — slap this on and go wherever, whenever nature calls.


Team Trump’s utter disregard for LGBTQA rights is no secret. They imposed a disgraceful ban on transgender service in the military, overturned an Obama-era rule that banned discrimination against patients based on gender identity, and attempted to block transgender students from choosing which bathroom to use. Imagine how much more damage he could do in four more years helming our nation. Regardless of your gender identity, this handy sign lets you show your support for the true freedom our country is supposed to stand for!


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