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Don't Tread On Me Mini-Skirt

Don't Tread On Me Mini-Skirt

Don't Tread On Me Mini-Skirt


*Disclaimer: This is a fake product. Your purchase will be a donation.

Rock a mini. Be comfortable on a hot day. Feel free to move. Savor it before the government embeds the idea that “you’re asking for it” in the collective consciousness; that men “can’t help themselves.” Shouldn’t we raise society's expectations of men rather than lower our hemlines?   


Here we are in 2020, still fighting to wear what we want without worrying about how men may react. In May, the U.S. Department of Education ratcheted up the burden of proof females must bear when reporting sexual harassment at federally-funded education programs. In other words, they’ve made a bad situation worse for women. We’ll be less likely to pursue justice, and men less likely to be tried and punished. The whole system is weakening its ability to deter this kind of harassment. Are you ready to completely cover up?


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