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Hell In A Handbasket Tampons

Hell In A Handbasket Tampons

Hell In A Handbasket Tampons


*Disclaimer: This is a fake product. Your purchase will be a donation.

Don’t get stuck on the sidelines because you can’t procure tampons. We know that free-bleeding isn’t for everyone and we want you to be able to live your best, active life. Let us keep you stocked up from now till whenever your menopause moment arrives.


Have you heard the phrase “menstrual equity”? It refers to equal access to hygiene products in prisons, shelters, schools and even on Capitol Hill. But that equity hasn’t arrived. Even though menstrual products are a necessity and should be tax-exempt, 30 states still tax them. That’s an unfair burden for many women, and upholds, rather than dismantles, society’s long-standing menstruation taboo.  


Add this item to your cart to support the work of Supermajority, a women's advocacy organization working to mobilize millions of women into political action. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support Supermajority's programming before Election Day. Visit our GoFundMe campaign to track our progress.