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Express Yourself Breast Pump

Express Yourself Breast Pump

Express Yourself Breast Pump


*Disclaimer: This is a fake product. Your purchase will be a donation.

Breast is best – and pumping lets you give your baby the nutrition of mother’s milk while you juggle job, school and other commitments that don’t always allow for on-demand nursing. Our dual-action pump kit allows you to continue achieving your personal goals – and maintain your earning power – while feeding your child with antibody-rich breast milk.


The Trump administration has already attempted to remove pro-breastfeeding language from a World Health Organization resolution that called on governments to “protect, promote and support breastfeeding.” The government’s attempt to change the wording and send a pro-formula message was unsuccessful. Still, the move shocked researchers and health advocates and revealed an administration eager to send unscientifically sound messages to all women. 


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